Methods To Promote Your Affiliate Program

The many happy stories on affiliate marketing notwithstanding, the hard fact is that advertising your affiliate program can be much tougher than you think.  One word for it: competition. There are so many internet marketers, so many advertisements online, and each one screaming why you need to patronize them.

These days, getting the attention of browsers and online visitors would need some creative approaches. Some people have tried and tested some unconventional methods, a few of them are downright illegal, and another handful are done in bad taste.

Fortunately, there is affiliate programs do not need special gimmicks to bring to market. For one, the products and services offered there can sell by themselves even with minimal advertising. One only need the good old tried and tested techniques.

Email list

This is important. Start an email mailing list right on your site (or blog). The benefit is that every subscriber gets notified on the latest – news, updates, sales notices, and many others.

You can offer an incentive within the niche of your business when you solicit for new subscribers to sign up on your mailing list. (It has to be free and can be accessed easily by your subscriber.)

If you have a website design site, offering a free ebook with samples from your site would be a very effective statement regarding your site.

Domain name

Your own domain name gives more credibility to your site. Your customers look at it with authority. Some successful affiliate marketers may not tell you that the only way to direct your potential customers is to your own website.

To do this, buy yourself an inexpensive domain name (GoDaddy is a popular place).  Registering your domain name and hosting can be had at Hostgator.

Use a name that is related or maybe explain the affiliate program you are selling. If you are an affiliate for a new ebook that teaches money by blogging, get yourself a domain name that has to do with making money with blogging.

(Domain names should be the words that people use in doing their searches. Doing it this way will make the search engines pick up your website easily.)

Forums and blogs

This is the same method to use when you get involved at online message boards or forums – they have to relate to your business. Usually, message boards let you place your web link in your signature.

You can also get involved with the niche community by writing posts and commenting/responding to those you can help with your knowledge. People will take notice and might look at you as an expert on the topic. Later, they will visit your site on their own.

Simple promotion techniques

Use all your promotional materials when doing promotions – articles, banners, signature files on emails, etc.

In case you are selling products on your site, do not forget to include enclosing your business card with a small simple promo item (a pen can be one).  These are just some of the tried and tested methods in promoting your affiliate programs. They have not been wrong ever since.

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