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There are popular websites like and that do not only provide information, they also play a role in online marketing. The use of these websites are one of the best ways that could help increase traffic in your website, which could relatively mean higher sales and profit.

Entries in Squidoo or in Ezine, can contain unique articles, products and service reviews, RSS feeds, and links of different websites or any other kind of resources which is about a particular topic. There are some online marketers that do not have their own websites and instead takes advantage of these sites for promoting their affiliates.

When you are using these websites, you could post a link that would take customers or readers to your website. In your website, they would be able to get more information about the topic that interested them or they would be able to see the affiliate products and services that you are offering. This strategy is called article marketing.

The basic concept with article marketing, is write unique articles which are 400 to 700 words in length about specific topics. Topics can be related to your website, products that you sell and promote, you could include links in your article. These websites host your articles for free and would allow them to be searched by different search engines.

There are several benefits in article marketing aside from increased exposure and traffic to your own website. Having articles on websites like Squidoo, EzineArticles, Hubpages, etc could increase the credibility of the marketer as an expert on the field. It would even help you create a list of people that are interested on the articles that you write. This list could be turned into potential buyers.

What are the best websites for article marketing?

Aside from Ezine Articles, article base, suite 101, helium, goarticles, article dashboard and articlecity also generate a lot of views. But searching your archives for an old article and uploading it here, is not how it works. EzineArticles, for example, have a team that evaluates articles that are submitted to their sites to see if they meet certain requirements.

To make sure that the articles would be uploaded and would become an effective tool, there are certain things to be kept in mind.

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