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Killer Content Review | 978 Profitable Niches

In this Killer Content Review I would like to focus on one specific and very powerful feature the product is equipped with, and that is the 980 niches it directly supports. Socrates Socratous has been an innovator in Internet marketing for years and if he has spent over 18 months developing a product, you know it is a complete solution. Selecting the right niche is the most important part of a marketing campaign and people either put too much thought into or not enough. Unfortunately the latter is more common. Killer Content is definitely the right name for this product because they have an insane...
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The True Power of PLR!

I’ve been marketing on the Internet for years and only recently I figured out that I was throwing away thousands of dollars every year by not having enough fresh products to sell my customers. If I had focused more on easily getting new content instead of spending all my time creating it by hand I probably would have sold twice as much as I used to sell. But what are we supposed to do to get enough good content to resell? Content creation takes time and resources that most of us just don’t have. What’s scarier is that you really have to be careful how you go...
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Subliminal MP3 – Unlocking Your Full Potential

Subliminal MP3 is among the few self-help programs that has scientific basis and had been proven so. Through the embedding of positive affirmations within soothing tracks, the Subliminal MP3 encourages self-growth and self-development. With this technique of ingraining positive affirmations, the subconscious mind gets the conscious mind to work out the right moves towards personal success. Even simple affirmations like “I am healthy, I am 100% cured, I love myself” can go a long way into turning one’s life around for the better. Power of the subconscious It took science hundreds of years to fully...
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