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Being Human On Twitter

When you are on Twitter, you likely are thinking about how you can effectively promote your business and the product offers that you have. Certainly, that is important, and something that you should be focused on. However, you should also keep in mind that your followers want to know that you are an actual human being and not a “bot” (essentially, a software program that is programmed to send out tweets on a regular basis). Your followers want to know that you have other interests and can display that you are human on Twitter, even revealing something amusing or personal about yourself from time to...
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The Value of Other Twitter Users Retweeting Your Tweets

You know that retweeting means that a Twitter user’s tweet is rebroadcast to another Twitter user’s followers due to the fact that the second Twitter user decided to rebroadcast that tweet via a retweet (RT) or modified retweet (MT). While you benefit from retweeting other Twitter user’s tweets to your followers, you also benefit from other Twitter users retweeting your tweets as well. If you have other Twitter users regularly retweeting your tweets, many Twitter users will take notice and want to find more about who you are, what business or industry you are involved in, and want to...
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The Donts of Twitter

You have signed up for Twitter and are starting to work with the interface, gaining more followers. This will help you to get more out of Twitter. However, there are some unwritten rules about Twitter that you should follow, both to be a good member of Twitter and also to get the most benefit out of Twitter for your reputation and the reputation of your business. One of the main rules of Twitter is to not mass follow and unfollow people continuously. What I mean by this is that you should not repeatedly follow and unfollow numerous people. You do not want to falsely inflate and deflate the number of...
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How Your Business Can Benefit From Twitter

Twitter has been quite useful and profitable for many businesses, as evidenced by the case studies of how companies such as Microsoft, MTV, GNC, Paramount America, SpikeTV, and Virgin America use it. Essentially, Twitter can be a very useful platform for your business if you work with it and learn how to maximize the benefits from Twitter. You may be thinking, “How can I utilize this platform? After all, there are only 140 characters per tweet.” That is the key – you only have 140 characters per tweet, but no one says that you have to say everything in just one tweet. This does not mean that you...
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How To Gain Followers On Twitter

One of the main goals in using Twitter to promote yourself and your business is to gain as large of a number of followers as you can. Of course, you really want followers who are interested in your tweets and offers, not just people who want to follow you and not pay attention to what you have to tweet. Therefore, the key is to gain as many targeted followers as you can to your Twitter account. How do you go about doing this? Obviously, you have to start somewhere when it comes to gaining followers, since you start off with zero followers. One of the easiest ways to gain new followers is to start...
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