10 Most Effective Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Free

You see, website traffic plays a huge role in determining the overall profitability and popularity of your website. That’s why most website owners give great attention to their traffic; they even spend some money on PPC programs just to increase the number of visitors on their site. The good news is, you can also achieve the same results as with paid ads, without incurring any costs on your part.

Top Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

1. Create various articles and submit them to several websites. Perhaps you are wondering about the connection of articles and website traffic. The principle is really simple; you’ll create articles and post them on other websites offering free submissions. Then, you have to include a resource box or bio at the end of each article. And in the end, readers will click your web address since they got so interested in your article. This method is very simple, yet it can produce massive amounts of traffic for your website.

2. Use Google Base. Google Base is yet another free method of generating traffic to your site. Since Google Base offers a free software for selling your products and services, you can use it to drive more traffic to your website. Just submit your product or service listings in an electronic spreadsheet containing important information such as the description, price and your own website link.

3. Press releases are a great way of marketing your products or services. Create your own press releases and submit them to various contacts.

4. Post your products on Craigslist. Craigslist offers options for posting your products and advertisements on the website. What’s more, this website receives such a high amount of traffic, so you can be sure that your product will be promoted to a large number of people.

5. Create a Facebook page. A Facebook campaign is one of the most effective and totally free ways of marketing your products.

6. Use Twitter to reach more people. Twitter is another social networking site that is visited by most Internet users today.

7. Exchange some services for links or more website exposure.

8. Use free directories. Free article directories are like advertisements; they’re practically everywhere. However, you’ll need only those that have a higher traffic directed to them. To choose a specific directory for your site, check out Google Page Rank and pick some of the highest ranking pages. Also, it is important for you to get a directory that posts content related to your field. If you’re on a web design business, make sure that your chosen directory is tackling about website designing.

9. It always comes down to Search Engine Optimization.
SEO encompasses several techniques that will eventually increase your rank in related searches if you’ll use strategic keywords and tools.

10. Comment on other blogs.
Posting a comment on blogs exposes your name to potential visitors. As you place a relevant comment regarding the blog post, people will begin to notice that you really have something to share about that topic. Then, they will visit your website to know everything about the topic.

The above 10 easy steps if done correctly will generate free traffics without doubts. However, if you are looking for advance traffic strategies and not sure how to go about doing it, you can check with some Internet Marketing Experts. They are professional and understand how to help you generate good quality traffics or simply visit http://www.cloudnetmedia.com for more information.

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