Are You Selling Solutions, or Products?

This is a solution to your problems”, “use this to be productive…”, “make your work easier and more efficient”, “you must have this to be profitable!”, and so on. You probably heard these or similar statements before on television or radio ads. This is actually a marketing technique where you sell a solution or information related to a specific need. Instead of selling the actual products, you are presenting to possible clients or customers an answer to a common or specific problem. Incidentally that answer can be found by purchasing a certain product. Although solution selling is a marketing technique, take note that you still need a real product that does provide an actual solution or else you’re just pitching air. And that is bad advertising and irresponsible business practice.

Indeed it is easy to make money. One can always fool people with bogus services and products and run away. Of course, the full force of the law will get you at some point. But that it is not we want to advocate. Good business practice and proper ethics is always the key to be a successful entrepreneur.

When you find products that sell a solution, you need to believe on that product yourself. Why? For one, by making it your goal to help or make life easier to your customers, every sale makes you feel good. The satisfaction of truly helping someone find answers is a good thing to incorporate in your corporate identity. It is like adding “heart” to your business model, meaning that you are serving your customers with your “heart”. Secondly, it helps keep you motivated knowing that every sale helps people. And thirdly, by simply believing on your product you can make pitches without having to invent some lines or spiels. Selling the truth is better than selling a lie.

Take note, however, that despite how it looks selling products that offer solutions are not an easy thing to do. Most people get this approach wrong most of the time. You need to understand that customers often look at products and see beyond what the actual unit has to offer. They also look at the added elements, services or value if they purchase the product. By understanding your customers and their specific needs, you will be able to determine how to package existing products and services together and provide a real solution to their problems.

Part of making money is working hard. Just remember that if it’s too good to be true, there’s a catch there somewhere. Business is all about hard work. It is all about making the right decisions backed by the correct information. Study the products that you want to sell first. See if they are products that actually present a solution or are just masquerading as one.

You should not solely focus on making money from your customers. You must also put in some efforts to focus on protecting your name and integrity as a company and entrepreneur. People can easily Google and discover that you’re the person that fools people for profit. The idea is not just to make money fast initially but also to continuously make a profit for a long time even after you retire.

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