The Differences Between Responsive And Unresponsive Subscribers

Many inexperienced Internet marketers have heard of needing to build their lists in order to earn sustainable income online and to live the Internet marketing lifestyle. When they hear this, they think, “I need to build my list as large as possible and as fast as possible.”

There is one important caveat to that thinking, however: The size of the list isn’t as important as the responsiveness of that list. In other words, the quantity of the list isn’t as important as the quality of that list.

Many inexperienced Internet marketers fail to take into account that there are two main types of subscribers: those that will open your emails, read them, and consider your offers, and those that will ignore your emails, not read them at all, and not consider your offers, even if they do open an email or two from time to time.

Obviously, if you acquire more subscribers from that second group, you aren’t as likely to profit from your list as you are if you gained more subscribers from that first group. The key difference is that responsive subscribers (those from the first group) will be receptive to your offers, and hence, help to make you money as compared to unresponsive subscribers (those from the second group).

This is true no matter what the numbers are – Internet marketers are much more likely to profit if they have 100 responsive subscribers than they are if they have 1,000 unresponsive subscribers. That is because the responsive subscribers are much more likely to open the Internet marketer’s emails and carefully consider his/her offers as compared to the unresponsive subscribers.

It doesn’t really matter how many subscribers you have on your list if they don’t bother reading your emails and consider your offers. This is where many Internet marketers miss the mark – they’re too concerned over the number of subscribers they have as compared to the response rates of those subscribers. If the response rates are low, your profitability will be low as well.

Therefore, you not only need to build a sizable list, but the list must be responsive as well. A large, unresponsive list will do you little to no good when it comes to building your reputation and your profitability. Work toward creating a sizable list that is also responsive to your emails and to your offers. You can help the members of that list become more responsive by being more human in your emails and truly showing that you have a genuine interest in their well-being and in improving their businesses. By showing this in your emails on a consistent basis, you will build a more responsive list, which will only help to boost your profitability and reputation.

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