The Qualities Of A Good List

When attempting to achieve success in Internet marketing, one of the most important factors that will help to determine whether you are successful or not comes down to how good of a list you are building.  “What’s that?” you ask.  “I have to build a list?”

The answer is, “yes,” you must build your own list in order to truly be successful and profitable online.  To not build a list is essentially Internet marketing suicide because you have little to no chance of earning the sustainable profits that are needed in order to quit your 9-5 job and enable you to live the Internet marketing lifestyle that you have heard much about.  That lifestyle can be lived, but only if you take the necessary steps needed to build a good list.

“What is a good list?” you ask.  A good list is one that will be responsive to your emails and to the offers you present to them.  Just building any old list will not do – if the members on that list are unresponsive to your offers and to your emails in general, it’s almost like not having a list at all.  You need to build a quality, responsive list in order to truly succeed at Internet marketing (and that’s not just in the Internet marketing field, but in any niche that you plan to go into online).

To build a quality, responsive list, you need to stay in constant contact with them, but not just to promote offers to them; on the contrary, many of the emails you send them should provide valuable information for free to them.  You should also attempt to connect with them on a human level.  One of the biggest challenges in marketing online is to overcome the inhuman qualities of the Internet.  This is referring to the faceless qualities that make up the Internet; people on your list cannot see you, so they have no idea who you really are.

The way to overcome this is to take the time to truly bond with your subscribers on a personal level.  Tell them about what is going on in your life, including about your family, your children, your home life, etc.  Don’t be afraid to be human – not only will this help you to connect with your subscribers, but they’ll feel much more confident in ordering from you because they’ll know that you’re an actual human being on the other side of their screens.  This can make all of the difference between whether they decide to purchase from you or not.

In addition, you need to show that you are willing to help them out however possible when it comes to improving their businesses.  You cannot approach it as if you want to just get sales from them, as this approach will NOT work.  You need to always keep your subscribers in mind in terms of how you can help them; by doing this, they’ll also learn to trust you more, including the recommendations you provide to them.

Therefore, always keeping your subscribers’ best interests in mind and being human are two of the best ways to create the quality list you want and need to be successful at Internet marketing.  You need to overcome the faceless anonymity of the Internet in order to convince your subscriber that you are a real person and that you genuinely have their best interests at heart.  Accomplishing this will enable you to earn more sustainable income from your Internet marketing efforts, and thus, enable you to quit your day job and live a more worry-free, stress-free lifestyle.

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