Getting Ranked in Google? Is NOT CONTENT!

It may be Queen, but it is definitely not King and I’ll tell you why — If content really were king and you had ten sites that were all on the same subject, well written and optimized, how would the search engines determine which site was most relevant? One of those sites is going to have to be first and one of those sites is going to have to be tenth.

Well, Google found an answer for this and that is off-site influences, specifically link popularity – sites linking to your site. Each site linking to you is a “vote” for your site saying, “this site is about so and so.”

Content is not King and probably never will be. It definitely helps, but it will never give you the weight in search engines that link popularity does now.

One of the quick and free methods of getting links is through article directory submissions. This refers to the submission of articles to the article directories to get hyperlinks. And with hundreds of articles directories publishing articles online out there, it’s relatively easy for you to get started.

How It Works?

Write a good content article and post it in the article directories at the end of the article, make sure to include a link back to your site. But not just a link, make it a hyperlink with your keywords in the “anchor text”.

To give you an example, if my website is about “pen ink” and I want to get ranked for that keyword — For my anchor text, I wouldn’t want to simply put “Click here”, I would put “pen ink” and get it to link to my website.

Getting backlinks to your site is one of the most important things you can do for generating traffic to your site:

* It helps to get your site listed in the search engine.

* It helps to boost your position in the search engine.

* It helps to build small streams of traffic to your site.

Other than submission, you can also get links from other websites with good content. Make the content of your website useful and informative to people. Doesn’t matter what kind of website you have, try to give something useful to your visitors. This can be useful information, some attractions, free service, or anything you may come up with. This may sound banal, but this strategy eventually will pay off. Other web sites will notice that you have something useful and original, and might start linking to you. This is the best link building strategy anyone can come up with, although it takes the most time and patience.

When you combine good content on your website and a thorough backlink campaign, you’ll now get better attention from Google to rank your website because you’re giving them what they want.

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