Being Human On Twitter

When you are on Twitter, you likely are thinking about how you can effectively promote your business and the product offers that you have. Certainly, that is important, and something that you should be focused on.

However, you should also keep in mind that your followers want to know that you are an actual human being and not a “bot” (essentially, a software program that is programmed to send out tweets on a regular basis). Your followers want to know that you have other interests and can display that you are human on Twitter, even revealing something amusing or personal about yourself from time to time.

Not only will this show that you are human, but it will also open you up to your followers, which can help you to establish a more meaningful relationship with them. This is important because, the more they come to respect and trust you, the more likely they will be willing to listen to you, to consider your product recommendations, and to purchase your product recommendations.

Certainly, though, this does not mean you should be funny, casual, and off-topic all of the time; after all, your Twitter followers want you to provide valuable information to them. But, at the same time, most of your Twitter followers are not wanting you to spew out information with no feeling, no passion, and no concern for anything else either.

If you find something funny or amusing, as long as it’s appropriate and clean, feel free to share it. If you find something inspirational, feel free to share it. If you find something that annoys or disgusts you, if it’s clean, feel free to share it. By doing this, your followers will start to get a feel of who you are as a person, and thus, be more willing to trust and even respect you.

For instance, if you tweet about a scandal and feel that such conduct is unbecoming for a respectable business, it’s likely your Twitter followers will look up to you as a person with morals and ethics, which can only bode well for your reputation and the reputation of your online business. This can lead to a greater number of subscribers and a greater number of new customers as well.

Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that while you should stay on topic on Twitter so that it benefits your online business the most, you also need to remember that you should be willing to mix in some other elements that show you are human and not a “bot” just sending out information left and right. Showing that you are human will only increase the connection and relationship you can have with your Twitter followers, and this can only help to boost your reputation and credibility in your industry. By mixing in worthwhile tweets that show humanistic qualities of your personality, you can help to establish a deeper relationship with your followers, which can lead to greater reputation, subscribers, and customers for your business.

The Importance of Follower/Following Ratio on Twitter (808 words; 840 words left)

If you have been on Twitter for any length of time, you likely have noticed some important numbers: Tweets, Following, Followers. These are the numbers that are prominently displayed on the left side of your screen whenever you are logged into your Twitter account.

The number of tweets are the number of posts you have made on your Twitter account. These posts go out to all of your followers, who are the Twitter users who have decided to follow you and the tweets you make. This is why your tweets will appear in their tweet feeds whenever you post them. Likewise, the people you are following, tweets from those Twitter users will appear in your tweet feed whenever they post a new tweet.

These numbers mean several things. First, regarding your tweets number, it shows how often you post. You really want to evaluate and keep track of how many tweets you are making, especially per day and how often per day. You definitely don’t want to go too long without tweeting, as this could alienate your followers and make them think that you have abandoned them.

However, you definitely don’t want to be overdoing it with the tweeting either – while you won’t be getting much work done if you are tweeting all of the time (unless you are using one of the many automated Twitter tweet software programs that are available online), even more importantly, you could be annoying your subscribers, leading to them tuning you out and even unfollowing you, something you certainly don’t want to have happen.

When it comes to your followers and following numbers, you want to try to have a good ratio. What is meant by this is that, you don’t want to follow virtually everyone on Twitter (and Twitter has millions of users around the world) and have virtually no one follow you. While most Twitter followers will follow you in response to you following them, they likely will only stay if they feel your tweets are valuable and worthwhile to them. Therefore, just because you follow many people does not automatically mean that you will have many followers over the long term.

You’d like to try to keep your followers and following ratio as close to 1:1 or even have your followers portion of the ratio higher than your following portion of the ratio. “Why?” you ask. This is because Twitter accounts that are managed by “bots,” or software that will send out tweets on a preprogrammed basis and look to gather new followers automatically based on the keywords you enter into it, have disproportionate numbers of followers and following, with the following portion of the ratio much higher than the followers portion of the ratio.

As a result, other Twitter users that see your disproportionate ratio will likely question whether you are a legitimate Twitter user or not. You can overcome this in time by providing quality, informative tweets, but it is preferable to keep your ratio as close to 1:1 or even beyond in favor of the followers over the following to prevent this stigma from being attached to your account. Anything you can do to mitigate and alleviate the fears and doubts of your followers on whether you are an actual Twitter user or a “bot” is something that you should seriously consider doing.

Additionally, it gets extremely hard to keep track of everyone’s tweets if you are following tons of people. Plus, if your computer is older and/or your Internet connection is not that fast, you will likely have a hard time using Twitter, as your page will be constantly refreshing itself to make room for the new tweets that are coming in. With so many Twitter users that you are following, the tweets will be coming in by the second. To get the most out of your Twitter user experience, you should do everything possible to keep the following portion of the ration in check and in control.

Therefore, it is important that you pay special attention to the numbers associated with your account. You don’t want to tweet too often or too little, as both can have adverse consequences on your followers, making it more difficult to connect with them and making them more loyal to you and your business. Additionally, if you have many more following than followers, your followers may think that you are a “bot” and not a real person. This, too, can be detrimental to your business. It is important to keep the following in check and boost the number of followers you have, especially the number of loyal and attentive followers. By paying attention to these numbers and taking steps to ensure that your followers/following ratio is in good balance, you can maximize the benefits your business receives from your Twitter account and tweets.

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