How Your Business Can Benefit From Twitter

Twitter has been quite useful and profitable for many businesses, as evidenced by the case studies of how companies such as Microsoft, MTV, GNC, Paramount America, SpikeTV, and Virgin America use it.

Essentially, Twitter can be a very useful platform for your business if you work with it and learn how to maximize the benefits from Twitter. You may be thinking, “How can I utilize this platform? After all, there are only 140 characters per tweet.”

That is the key – you only have 140 characters per tweet, but no one says that you have to say everything in just one tweet. This does not mean that you should send out 2-4 successive tweets in a row, though on occasion may be okay, especially if you label the end of the tweets as ¼, 2/4, ¾, 4/4, etc.

No, the main point of 140 characters per tweet is to convince you to continue your conversation or the information you present off of Twitter, preferably onto your blog or website where you can continue providing valuable information in however many characters you need to get your message across.

This is really how your business will benefit the most from Twitter. Even the best writer possible is not going to be able to deliver the most meaningful messages consistently just by writing 140 characters or less per tweet. What that writer can do, however, is to entice his/her followers enough to get them to click onto the link that he/she provides in his/her tweet so that they will head to his/her website and continue reading what he/she has to say.

Just as you would attempt to get people to go from your blog over to your website by providing meaningful posts, you would so the same on Twitter – entice them enough to read more of what you have to say, then lead them to that site so that they continue reading, as well as consider a related offer.

Therefore, you should not look upon Twitter as the be-all, end-all in communicating with your followers; on the contrary, you should use it as a means to continue furthering your relationship with your followers. It is hard to reveal all of the information they want to know and hear by just communicating on Twitter – you must be able to get your Twitter followers off of Twitter and onto your website in order to fully communicate with them, to have them sign up to your list(s), and to have them consider and purchase your offers.  This is how your business will benefit the most from the tweets you make on your Twitter account.

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