The Value of Other Twitter Users Retweeting Your Tweets

You know that retweeting means that a Twitter user’s tweet is rebroadcast to another Twitter user’s followers due to the fact that the second Twitter user decided to rebroadcast that tweet via a retweet (RT) or modified retweet (MT).

While you benefit from retweeting other Twitter user’s tweets to your followers, you also benefit from other Twitter users retweeting your tweets as well. If you have other Twitter users regularly retweeting your tweets, many Twitter users will take notice and want to find more about who you are, what business or industry you are involved in, and want to follow your every move and statement on Twitter and beyond.

Yes, what this means is that they will likely follow you on Twitter, and will likely follow you back to your Facebook page, your blog, your website and other places associated with you. They will see you as a trusted authority in your industry and will want to remain in close contact with you in order to get the latest scoop on what is happening in the industry.

Additionally, the Twitter users who are retweeting your tweets will be exposing your messages to their followers, which can have a viral effect because they may retweet your messages to their followers. As a result, you could have an explosion of new Twitter followers within a relatively short time span if you do it correctly. This can greatly increase the reputation and profitability of your business, and best of all, it’s free to do and doesn’t take much time to implement.

The only key element you must follow is to provide the latest information that is worthwhile to people, and to do it on a consistent basis. Once you establish a track record of providing up-to-date information, more and more people will be willing to follow you. Additionally, more prominent people will follow you as well, which can also lead to more prominent followers following you, etc.

As you can see, there can be a great viral effect from providing worthwhile information on Twitter. The best thing is that virtually anyone can do it so long as he/she has valuable information to share and does it on a consistent basis. By doing this regularly, you can not only establish as a worthwhile expert in your industry, but you can increase your Twitter profile, which will serve to boost your own credibility and the credibility of your business.

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