Automatic Pinging Your Blog For Improved Website Traffic

How To Improve Your Blog Traffics With Automatic Pinging? Read on.. Imagine yourself sweating the night away, trying to write a unique article which you will post in your website or blog to attract more visitors and readers. Eventually, this readership can translate to bigger profits. After you have written your article and posted it in your website or blog, you wait for search engines to recognize this update and index your blog entry. Internet users and readers make use of the search engine when looking for information. There are studies showing that internet users rarely go beyond page three and...
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10 Most Effective Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Free

You see, website traffic plays a huge role in determining the overall profitability and popularity of your website. That’s why most website owners give great attention to their traffic; they even spend some money on PPC programs just to increase the number of visitors on their site. The good news is, you can also achieve the same results as with paid ads, without incurring any costs on your part. Top Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic 1. Create various articles and submit them to several websites. Perhaps you are wondering about the connection of articles and website traffic. The principle is...
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Increasing Website Traffic By Easy and Free Online Marketing Strategies

Increasing your website traffic is marketing your content to the world. Hence, you should give the best you can in doing so. The following are some ways that can help you through: 1. Create blogs about celebrities. Of course, everyone would love to know a thing or two about celebrities. And that curiosity will bring you thousands of guests every time. Write something about the hottest stars today and relate them to what you’re promoting. For example, if you’re marketing dog accessories, you can write about celebrities dressing up their pets. If your niche is more on the technical side, you can...
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Effective Marketing For Startup Companies

Freemium, the business model championed by venture capitalist Fred Wilson, is now slowly taking its place in business. As of this writing, more and more companies offering freemium products and services are slowly rising to the top of their class, all visibly viable, healthy and making money. Among the most notable to date are Evernote, Remember The Milk and Dropbox. The list also includes Freshbooks,, and good old The new startup Xobni joined in, using the ad-supported model. What makes these companies tick? How were they able to convert such a “free” model into...
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Free Internet Traffics Attraction Factor

Freemium is the latest business model that new startup companies are focusing their eyes on these days with the intention of making concrete profits out of such an innovative business style. What, actually, is freemium? What makes it such a radical business concept? In a nutshell, freemium (a coined term from the words “free” and “premium”) or free giveaway is a business model with the premise of giving away the company’s product (or service) for free, with an eye of making a profit in the long run. The root idea is to cultivate a paying customer base out of the collated free...
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