Automatic Pinging Your Blog For Improved Website Traffic

How To Improve Your Blog Traffics With Automatic Pinging? Read on.. Imagine yourself sweating the night away, trying to write a unique article which you will post in your website or blog to attract more visitors and readers. Eventually, this readership can translate to bigger profits. After you have written your article and posted it in your website or blog, you wait for search engines to recognize this update and index your blog entry. Internet users and readers make use of the search engine when looking for information. There are studies showing that internet users rarely go beyond page three and...
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Increasing Website Traffic By Easy and Free Online Marketing Strategies

Increasing your website traffic is marketing your content to the world. Hence, you should give the best you can in doing so. The following are some ways that can help you through: 1. Create blogs about celebrities. Of course, everyone would love to know a thing or two about celebrities. And that curiosity will bring you thousands of guests every time. Write something about the hottest stars today and relate them to what you’re promoting. For example, if you’re marketing dog accessories, you can write about celebrities dressing up their pets. If your niche is more on the technical side, you can...
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Free Internet Traffics Attraction Factor

Freemium is the latest business model that new startup companies are focusing their eyes on these days with the intention of making concrete profits out of such an innovative business style. What, actually, is freemium? What makes it such a radical business concept? In a nutshell, freemium (a coined term from the words “free” and “premium”) or free giveaway is a business model with the premise of giving away the company’s product (or service) for free, with an eye of making a profit in the long run. The root idea is to cultivate a paying customer base out of the collated free...
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Giveaway Formula For Success

There is a lively discussion among online business practitioners on the many pros and cons centered on the new freemium business model or better known as giveaways. Some other items are thrown into the forum (open source business models, development models, and others) including the hairline distinctions between free and freemium. There had also been declarations on the distinctions (and which model is better) between an open-source business model compared to the development model. However, since the industry is in current flux and is still evolving as it is, there had been no definite conclusions as...
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Making Money With Free Giveaways – Freemium

Freemium or free giveaways, like any other business, is employed with the main objective of making money. How to do that is also the reason why this new business model is born – the main idea is being able to adapt to the changing market and the changing conditions of production. Loosely defined, freemium is a business model where a product (or service) is given away for free, in the hope of earning from it later by way of charging present users to upgrades of the product or perhaps on product versions that are fully functional. Product value With the dizzying pace of today’s technological...
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