Making Money With Free Giveaways – Freemium

Freemium or free giveaways, like any other business, is employed with the main objective of making money. How to do that is also the reason why this new business model is born – the main idea is being able to adapt to the changing market and the changing conditions of production. Loosely defined, freemium is a business model where a product (or service) is given away for free, in the hope of earning from it later by way of charging present users to upgrades of the product or perhaps on product versions that are fully functional. Product value With the dizzying pace of today’s technological...
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Freemium – The Giveaway Basics

As of today, freemium ranks high among the latest buzz words in the constantly-changing and continually-evolving online business landscape. Essentially, it is a business model where the main premise is simple: giving away pays. As for the term, freemium is a coined combination of the two aspects of business models – free and premium. As a business model, the freemium mechanics is to simply offer basic Web services or product for free. Usually, these companies who offer these kinds of products and services often charges premium payments for advanced or special features. Momentum While admittedly still...
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